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Recent Publications

Members of the Centre publish in leading journals and speak regularly at major national and international academic conferences. CREST runs its own annual conference as well as occasional meetings and workshops to publicise its work and expose it to scrutiny. Members of the Centre also contribute regularly to newspapers, television and radio. The most recent book from CREST researchers is The Rise of New Labour: Party Policies and Voter Choices, by Anthony Heath, Roger Jowell and John Curtice.

The CREST Annual Reports contain complete annual lists of publications from members of the CREST research team since its establishment in 1994. CREST also has an extensive Working Papers series.

Presentation slides from our 12 November 2004 Conference: "Brought Together or Driven Apart? Public Reactions to Devolution" at the i>Edinburgh Royal Museum of Scotland are below:

  • Introduction (Curtice)
  • Devolved elections: Success or failure? (Curtice)
  • How strong is the union? (Hsu and Thomson)
  • Politics, national identity and devolution (Wyn Jones and Scully)
  • Decline of national pride? (Tilley, Heath and Exley)
  • Please adjust the settlement (Park and Surridge)
  • Is devolved government better government? (MacGinty and Evans)
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